The IAP Smitu Kothari Fellowship for Global Justice

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default The IAP Smitu Kothari Fellowship for Global Justice

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The Smitu Kothari Fellowship Program at IAP

Applications due April 30th

About the Fellowship Program:

The International Accountability Project (IAP) is launching a fellowship program for young advocates from Asia, Africa and Latin America, in honor of IAP founding board member Smitu Kothari. A leading scholar-activist in India and globally, Smitu Kothari made prolific contributions in the fields of environmental justice and rights-respecting development, and served as a mentor to countless students and advocates in our movement.

The aim of the the Fellowship Program is to advance an area of work that Smitu gave much of himself to – creating opportunity for young people to enter the movement for global justice and strengthen their abilities as activists, critical thinkers and change-makers. The Smitu Kothari Fellowship Program at IAP is a year-long program designed to support the leadership of exceptional young activists in our movement for global justice.

How does the Fellowship Program work?

The program is jointly administered by International Accountability Project (IAP) and Atlas Corps.

International Accountability Project (IAP) is the host organization: Fellows are based at the IAP office in San Francisco, California for 1 year (September through August) where they are responsible for leading an advocacy initiative during their Fellowship year. Fellows work closely with IAP staff and colleagues to carry out their advocacy initiative, including doing research, writing, presenting to decision-makers at financial institutions such as the World Bank, and producing easy-to-understand information materials for IAP community partners. In addition, Fellows will also participate in fundraising and other elements of managing a nonprofit organization. At the completion of their Fellowship year, Fellows will make a final presentation to IAP staff, board and colleagues.

Atlas Corps provides logistical support. Atlas Corps manages placement of international fellows at numerous nonprofit organizations in the United States and has expertise in handling visas, travel, stipends, insurance, supporting fellows to find housing, and also providing top-quality orientation and professional development trainings throughout the fellowship year. Atlas Corps will ensure that Fellows have the support they need to thrive in their Fellowship experience, and they also provide the opportunity to connect with other international fellows at diverse nonprofit organizations in the U.S.


Applications are due April 30th, 2012. Fellow will be selected by July 2012. The program begins in September 2012 and completes in August 2013.

Who can apply?

We are looking for passionate, capable advocates with a commitment to creating development justice in their home country and region. The ideal candidate is someone who has experience advocating for development that respects human rights and the environment—and who will utilize the Fellowship experience to advance their work and leadership in this field in the future.

IAP is looking for candidates who have:

· At least 3 years of work experience in the field of advocacy for development justice, human rights and environmental justice;

· Experience working directly with communities to make their voices heard and influence development projects and policies;

· Experience analyzing Safeguard Policies and other policies at international development banks;

· Proficiency in English;

· Some coursework/studies in issues related to development, environment and human rights;

· Some experience working specifically on issues of resettlement, eviction and displacement;

· A profound personal commitment to serve as an advocate/leader in this field for the long-term, and a strong desire to utilize this Fellowship experience to advance his/her advocacy capacity; and

· Heart, humility and humor.

In addition, Atlas Corps requires that candidates meet the following Eligibility Requirements:

· 2 or more years of relevant experience in the nonprofit/NGO/social sector

· Bachelor's degree or equivalent

· English proficiency (oral, writing, reading)

· 35 years or younger

· Commitment to return to your home country after the 12-18 month fellowship

After initial screening by AtlasCorps, Fellows will be selected by IAP’s Fellowship Advisory Committee that includes IAP staff, board members and colleagues.

Responsibilities for 2012-2013 Fellow:

For the 2012-2013 Fellowship year, IAP will be selecting one (1) fellow. The Fellow will be responsible for coordinating IAP's advocacy around the World Bank Safeguard Policy Review. Tasks will likely include:

· Coordinating the collection of case studies from IAP partners around the world who have experienced impacts of World Bank-funded projects, and compiling these case studies into a report for publication and submission to the World Bank;

· Preparing IAP's policy recommendations for the World Bank, with support from IAP's Policy Program Coordinator; and

· Assisting with the preparation of information materials for workshops with NGO partners in several regions to prepare for World Bank consultations in those areas; and

· Assisting as needed with IAP events, strategic planning, program evaluation, and fundraising. IAP is a small organization, and the Fellow will be an integral part of the team during his/her Fellowship year.

How to apply:

Submit an online application through the Atlas Corps website:
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Include the following in your application:

· Enter "IAP" as the response to the "Where did you hear about Atlas Corps" question

· Attach a cover letter to your application. The cover letter should address the following questions:

· Why do you want to work with International Accountability Project (IAP)?

· What would you want to accomplish during your fellowship year?

· How would you use the fellowship experience to advance your advocacy work upon your return to your home country?

Applications are due April 30th!

About IAP

Based in San Francisco, IAP partners with communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America to stop destructive projects—such as open-pit coal mines and mega-dams—and help people protect the land they love. In particular, IAP campaigns to stop the unjust practice of land-grabbing and the forced eviction of entire communities in the name of development. “Following the money” behind these mega-projects, IAP works strategically to demand accountability and policy reforms at the financial institutions underwriting destructive projects—from hedge funds to the World Bank. At the same time, we provide targeted support to frontline communities, producing tools and skill-share events that strengthen grassroots campaigns for development that respects human rights and our earth.
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About Atlas Corps

Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world's best nonprofit leaders. Our mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.
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