GALEC 1: report Bribery workshop 20/5/2012

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default GALEC 1: report Bribery workshop 20/5/2012

Bài gửi by oldest on Wed May 23, 2012 2:24 pm

Report “Bribery” workshop
Time: 15:00 Sunday, May 20
Address: ENCI English Center 76
Giai Phong Street, 4th floor,

14:50, many came to GALEC 10 minutes prior to the worshop entitled “Bribery” to make friends with one another and to learn some more about the intriguing topic. Thanks to the warm-up game named “good morning balls”, people had some fun together and the new comers no longer felt shy.

In the “free talk” section, we shared our takes on this issue with many questions: What kinds of people are corrupt? talk about how corrupt you think the following people might be: doctors, a country’s leader, police officers,… What bad things could they do? Who suffers from their corruption? Are these people corrupt in your
country? How about in other countries?....

I think that the salary for doctors should be increased

We should go to the State Treasury to pay the fine.

There is nothing called “enough” when it comes to money

I do not think we can stam out this issue in near future because “under table” money is now so popular in VN, everyone knows it and accepts it as a habit.

The most efficient way to prevent this issue is to implement strict punishment
Since the topic was so absorbing, attendants wanted to debate some more about the ways to prevent bribery in Viet
Nam. The workshop then could not end until 5:30 P.M.

Thank you all GALECers for your coming and contributing. Can’t wait to see you next week with the topic “Life with modern technology”

See more pictures of the workshop here:


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