Galec 2: Report Scandals Workshop 2/8/2012

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default Galec 2: Report Scandals Workshop 2/8/2012

Bài gửi by tomato_ost on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:57 pm

Time: 6h30-8h30 Thursday 02/08/2012
Place: Smartlink English Center, No3, Lane 196, Thai Thinh

SCANDALS seemed to be a very hot topic, which made the atmosphere of the workshop also hot too ^ ^
The program was started with a very funny warm up game “man over boat”.

After that, we moved to the next part that was Free talk. Memebers worked in group of 3-4 members to share their ideas and discuss the given questions.

Have you ever experienced any scandals so far? (At Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, High School, University, etc). If yes, how did you handle that?

How do you think about recent scandals among Vietnamese celebrities?

The next part was Presentation and Q&A. This created a plenty of smiles and happiness when one member gave a small speech to the rest.

The last part “Group work” was the most interesting because of Scandals on TV Show about four celebrities: Ho Ngoc Ha, Cao Thai Son, Ngoc Trinh and Vang Anh.

“This is BBC News, today in our show; we welcome a famous singer – Ho Ngoc Ha”.

And Cao Thai Son with “chuan men”

Ngoc Trinh has a dog with long legs like her ^ ^

Thank you to all guys for joining and making an exciting workshop. We hope to see you next week.

Galec 2 English Club
Place: Smartlink English Center, No3, Lane 196, Thai Thinh
Email: Y!M: galec2_club
Contact: Ms Loan 0973374532 (No SMS)


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