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Bài gửi by jonywish on Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:12 pm

Time: 15:00 Sunday, August 5th
Address: ENCI English Center 76 Giai Phong St

With the interesting topic “Think different!”, many Galecers came and joined us, no matter how hot the weather was.
The workshop began with a creative game. Members were to write down at least 5 functions for each given item and many creative ideas were showed out.

After that, we moved to the main part – Free talk

Have you ever made something weird strange different? Could it serve any purposes?
Miss Tam made a cake but it was terrible and poisoning. 

Do you often think of issues in different ways? For instance? Does your creativity help you with your daily life?

Pros and cons of creativity? Should we remain in our comfort zone?
Two most significant cons of creativity are time-consuming and in vain sometimes

Can you name some ideas that were considered as “crazy”, “impossible”, “abnormal” at first but turned out to be “marvelous”, “amazing”…?
Mr Giang said Founding GALEC English club was a crazy idea
at the very beginning but it turned out to be awesome now.

In part 3 “Group work”, we made a story out of the given words

Many creative, funny stories with different scripts were created.

The workshop ended at 5pm with “creativity marathon” game. We had a meaningful time with joy and laughs.
Hope to see all of you next week.

For more photos, please visit :
Time: 15:00 every Sunday
Address: ENCI English Center 76 Giai Phong Street, 4th floor,
Hotline: Đỗ Quang Toản (Mr.): 01689.987.205


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