GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" CHEWING GUM CULTURE" 29/11/2012

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default GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" CHEWING GUM CULTURE" 29/11/2012

Bài gửi by Thùy Dương on Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:02 am

Report for Workshop: “CHEWING GUM CULTURE”
Time: 6h30-8h30 pm, Thursday 29/11/2012
Place: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)

It was such a cool day that everyone couldn’t come to our club on time. That was the reason why we started 15 minutes later than usual. The greeting “GOOD MORNING” from the new MC seemed to relax and comfort people so we passed the first part “Introduction” with a lot of fun.

Surprisingly, today members found many common things with others. We had 3 people from Ha Tinh province, 3 working in Ha Dong district at the moment or in the past, 3 beautiful girls working in Techcombank or 2 boys named “Ngoc” that should be more suitable with girls.
To make the atmosphere warmer both literally and figuratively, we operated a game called “The King need”. Group 1 was the winner with 4 points which was higher just one point than group 2. The most memorable moment might be when Mr.Canh – leader of group 1 immediately took off his sock and gave the MC after hearing her need.

After that, all members were divided into 4 groups for the third part “Free talk”. Members discussed loudly and excitingly about everything they know about this topic even some ideas of giving their lovers Chewing Gums instead of Chocolate in Valentine Day. Can you image it?

Moving to the forth part “Presentation and Q&A”, unexpectedly, the first presenter was the old key member of our club. When he was asked if there was anything different between the chewing gums in Vietnam and Malaysia – the country he has come lately, the answer was nothing. Also, he told us some meaningful advice how to learn effectively in English clubs and improve your English speaking skills faster and faster.

The second one was the man talking about some benefits we can gain from gums like fresh breath, white teeth and so on.

In contrast, the next was still a man but sharing some disadvantages of chewing gums; for instance, it was very hard to remove when it stick to your hair, coat or any other stuff.

After that, Mr. Bac gave us some thoughts of using chewing gums to attract a girl just by a breath like the commercial of “chewing gums COOL AIR”. I wonder whether girls can be attracted in reality by that weird way.
The fifth one expressed an agreement with Mr. Bac about the way to find a partner in lives. However, when people offered them to become the partner of each other, they both denied DIRECTLY.

Finally, we found a pretty girl who became the last presenter of this workshop. She shared some points of view about using chewing gums as small gifts for people in working environment. Then, when being asked that how she would feel if her boyfriend gave her a large basket of Chewing Gums in Valentine Day, she answered that it would be fine but with a lot of conditions like his explanation, the decoration, the way to surprise her… so I think it would be more easier to buy a bar of chocolate instead.

Because of getting started late, we gave more time for members to make presentations and skipped the forth part “Group work”.
We still ended this workshop with laughs and funs.

Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club

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Thanks and best regards,
Thùy Dương

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