GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" MONEY" 11/4/2013

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default GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" MONEY" 11/4/2013

Bài gửi by Thùy Dương on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:47 pm

Report for Workshop: Money
Time: 6h30-8h30, Thursday 11th April 2013
Place: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)
At 6.30, people had a friendly and short introduction about themselves. It could be said that money is such a hot topic that everyone is interested in starting our workshop.

We did start our workshop with a really cheerful atmosphere of the warm- up game “Fold envelop paper” in which two couples made us so interested in their performance.

After that we worked in four groups to discuss around the interesting questions, “Money” has been the central part that attracts most of people’s care, therefore, everyone shared their own opinions about this topic enthusiastically.

This is the image of group 1,

The girl in red was talking about her financial matters; her ideas were so strongly protected.

The second group with three handsome men who were discussing about evils that money has been involved.


This is group 3 and group 4.
These two guys had very strong points to protect their opinions, which was so interesting.

Mr. Hoang gave us the first presentation which caused some others controversy questions, however, he really warmed up our workshop the second time.


There were many questions that these guys wanted to ask the presenter.

And this girl also impressed us with her so funny and attractive talking.


Coming to part 4, we were wondering how to deal with the situation that if we should return the collected money to police or keep it to cure the ill mother and prepare for graduation. GALECers enjoyed wonderful environment with laughs thanks to the drama of group 2. They decided to use it for their purpose first, and then if they have had a chance, they would have tried to give them back to the money’s owner.


There were only three people who agreed to return the money as soon as possible. They had their own ideas to prove their action, we could not decide which one was right or wrong, it depended on each one’s point of view. However we had a nice and useful workshop. Not only practicing English, but we could also laugh so much to relieve stress after a long day.


The workshop was ended in exciting atmosphere.
We would like to thank you for joining and creating interesting time. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club
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Thanks and best regards,

Thùy Dương

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