GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "KEEPING SECRETS" 18/07/2013

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Bài gửi by ngochoa on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:08 pm

Report for Workshop: KEEPING SECRETS
Time: 6h30-8h30 p.m., Thursday 18/07/2013
Place: E-Connect Training English Center, No 198 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)
At 6.30 p.m., everyone gathered in a circle and we get started!!! As usual, the first part was Introduction. Excitingly, we saw many new faces today although although it was summer vacation now so college students are supposed to go hometown. Galec keymembers really wanted to say thank for your encouragement. So now, THANK YOU for your attendance last Thursday!!!

Let’s go!!!
And then, we played a very interesting game called “keep it secret” – same as the topic today. The rule was simple. Your group had to transfer the sentence from the first mem to the last one by whispering and make sure that the other group couldn’t hear it; otherwise, you would immediately become losers. At the first moment, it seemed that group 1 had much competitive advantage when group 2 didn’t get the rule clearly. But unexpectedly, Mr.Bin – mem of group 2 heard some words in the sentence of group 1 and he spoke it out. It was correct after 2 times of changing the form of verb. Therefore, following the rule, group 2 was the winner, but IN A RIDICULOUS WAY. So sorry for group 1 because they was too close to win.

Taking the punishment that was singing a song, group 1 sang the children song “ABC”. Despite the fact was that there was only one singer and the rest was just clappers, we still accepted.
After that, we divided all members in 5 groups for the third part “Free talk”. They were apparantely excited to share their ideas about this topic so the atmosphere was definitely hot and a little bit noisy.

The weird thing was that they had been discussing ebulliently but when the MC asked them to stand up and present it, they all kept quiet. Maybe one of the reasons was they wanted to keep it in secret like the topic today. Just kidding!!!
Since no one raised their hand so we decided to play a game. Actually, it was a very very very dangerous game called “TRUTH OR DARE”. I was quite sure that all of the members in the room at least had played this game one time before. That was the reason why we didn’t need to explain the rule carefully.
We agreed to play it with couples. After the absolutely funny trial, the first couple was Ms.Hien – as a volunteer and a very handsome boy – as a recommended one. Ms.Hien choose TRUTH and answered the man’s question very easily. However, to prove he was a real man after lots of disparagement around him, he choose A DARE, which was dancing sexily around a chair while wearing high heels. After accepting the fact that the man couldn’t do it, we gave him another requirement, which was kissing the floor as a real girl. Finally, he did it. Personally, how disgusting!!!
The second couple was so funny. Like the previous one, the girl took a TRUTH and the boy took a DARE, which was; ridiculously, pretending that he was having a quick pee at the corner and being taken a picture as a proof. The one who was responsible for taking the picture couldn’t do it because she laughed so much and her hand was always shaking.

The third was like the two previous couples, what an intelligible incident. The girl’s question was who was her dreamed boyfriend, which was so easy to her. The boy’s DARE was doing the handstand. So easy too…

The last couple of this Thursday workshop brought us a lot of pleasure and surprise. The boy did the DARE first - dancing. He suddenly asked the girl to do with him and compulsorily, she accepted. They danced beautifully together along very eventful tune. Then the girl answered the boy’s question. That was “Who in this room would you like to become your boyfriend most?”. Surprisingly, it was that very boy – her partner in this game. They made a promise that they would have a date in the future, maybe a two-hour date.

Today was so special and memorizing; therefore, we decided to take a picture together. And here it is.

Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club
Address: E-Connect Training English Center, No Lane 198 Thai Thinh

Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
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Hot line: Ms.Duong 0977.260.902 (Vice-President)

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