GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" 12/12/2013

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default GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" 12/12/2013

Bài gửi by ngochoa on Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:03 pm

Time: 6h00-8h00 p.m., Thursday 12/12/2013
Place: ETC Training English Center, No.196B Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)

This was the first time that weekly Workshops of Galec English club was held in new venue - ETC training English centre. Because this new place was quite not familiar with many members, so on that day, there were fairly few people attending the workshop. However, all members joined this topic with their best enthusiasims. That was our actual motivation to give you the best workshops each week.
All members sat in a circle, -. Each member was given 30 seconds for his/her introduction.
After announcing new time and venue of Galec weekly workshops and -talking a little about the topic “Domestic violence”, MC.Phuong moved to the first part: Play a game. All members were divided into 3 groups and each group was given a piece of paper in which there were 12 pictures and 12 words in the box respectively. The task of each group was to match the word suitably with the context of each picture. Finally, the winner was group 1.

In part 2, as generally, the members in each group discussed all the questions related to the topic with the others. I joined in all groups and realized that each group had its own feature. Members in group 2 discussed a fairly sensitive issue in family. A member asked somebody else whether sex is very necessary to all married couples. “However if you feel so tired and don’t want to make love with your husband and it occurs frequently, which drives your family to the risk of breakdown.”, one member said. It was a so hard question and actually made me so confused although I was MC.

Members in group 3 discussed the main reason of domestic family. According to Mr. Tuan, -gender bias which was an inevitable result of feudal regimes in Viet Nam is the main reason. There were so many conversational comments around his opinion.

Moving to part 3, all members sat in a circle and started to present their ideas. It was so an exciting and interesting debate. One member told - about the story about his cousin’s family and he argued that we could not blame all faults on the men, because in many situations, the women were also a cause leading to her husband’s violence. As he said, when there was a strife between them, the wife always talked so much and did not respect her husband.

At 8 p.m., it was time to finish workshop. After the workshop ended, some members came back to their homes, others gathered and seeked for a restaurant for drinking, chatting, getting closer with each other. GALEC is not only a place where we can practice English but also a big home for making friend and relaxing.

Thank you for joining us.

Galec 2 English Club

Address: ETC Training English Center, No.196B Thai Thinh

Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
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Venue sponsor: ETC Training English Center
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