GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "CITY LIFE VS COUNTRY LIFE" 2/1/2014

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default GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "CITY LIFE VS COUNTRY LIFE" 2/1/2014

Bài gửi by ngochoa on Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:44 pm

Report for Workshop: CITY LIFE VS COUNTRY LIFE
Time: 6h30-8h30 p.m., Thursday 2/1/2014
Place: ETC Training English Center, No.196B Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at 196B Thai Thinh)

At 6:30 p.m, our workshop enthusiastically started by an interesting introduction of fresh MC with the surprising attendance of many new members.
MC warmed up the atmosphere by bringing all attendees a so-called “Where are they” game relevant to their Vietnamese geographic knowledge.
About 30 GALEC members in the room were orderly divided into three equal groups with each duty is required to write down exactly the names of vietnamese provinces which numbered on the maps and put answers on the answersheets. And game’s counting method was just like one correction one point.
Due to the 3- minute allowed duration for the game, all members had to pay their high attention to group discussion.

And then, MC quickly informed the final results of the game which had been made by Mr. Quan and Ms. Hoa. The results were announced as follows: Group 3 got 15 points, group 2 got a one-point higher mark and the winner was group 1 with an impressive figure of 23 correct answers.
Moving on to the Part 2- Discussion, there were 5 groups divided to discuss together about the topic: “ Countrylife and Citylife”. It seemed that all members had a lot of creative and good ideas to say about this matter because most people really mixed up with the warm and ebullient atmosphere in the room.
In my group, first of all, we discussed about our hometown and made specific comparisons with their current lives in Hanoi capital. As a matter of fact, while most people in this workshop desired to settle down in their homeland, Mr. Khang from Thai Binh province dreamt of a permanent citylife and had considered Hanoi as a second hometown because he has lived in Hanoi and has felt familiar with this place for more than 10 years with a stable job

Indeed, part 3 – Presentation and Q&A recorded the most exciting moments of the workshop. Firstly, we told about our hometown. Ms. Luu Ly, a talented and cute Hanoian girl, share with us that “ I truly love Hanoi because here is where I was born and grew up; and maybe I will come back to Hanoi after studying aboard”. She absolutely made us touched by her sentiments.

Astonishingly, a man raised their hand and said a lot of interesting things about Lang Son and contraband goods deriving from China. But a few moments later, he confessed that Vinh Phuc was his homeland and he just wanted to tell funny stories.

And then, it was unforgettable that a man from Vinh city gave us more useful information about people and landscapes in Nghe An. Interestingly, he really supported “Ba Tung”acts in the past year with servere attitude. Surprisingly, the majority of male members in workshop agreed that the way she promoted her own image was not bad and did no harms to her homeland’s reputation. However, all female members totally denied that. What a vigorous debate! And “ Ba Tung” was still a big question for all of us!

Finally, what a surprise! So many members cared about MC’s hometown - Dak Nong province and hence all members discussed a lot about the differences between the north and south of Vietnam.

Because of time limitation, we had to finish this workshop at 8 o’clock and said goodbye when many questions were still in wait.
We would like to thank you for your enthusiastic contributions to this workshop to create such an interesting period of time.
Hope to see you next Thursday.

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