GALEC 2: Report for "ONLINE DATING" 19/6/2014

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default GALEC 2: Report for "ONLINE DATING" 19/6/2014

Bài gửi by ngochoa on Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:07 pm

Report for Workshop: ONLINE DATING
Time: 6h30-8h00 p.m., Thursday 19/6/2014
Venue: MULTI LANGUAGE Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang
(Note:Leave your vehicle on the opposite side of the road)

Topic: Online dating
MC: Ha Boo
It was an absolute funny workshop
Preparation before starting workshop ^^
 photo 10409500_643887482353793_8619732260022296952_n_zps24d9be29.jpg
At 6.30 p.m, we were really surprised that the room was full of members. Everyone gathered in a circle and we get started!!!
After the MC gave some information about herself to the audience, we together played an interesting game called “Catch Pharse” in order to warm up the atmosphere.
 photo 10300159_643887515687123_7915381525647838394_n_zps6b7a49fa.jpg
The game was extremely funny and brought us a lot of laugh. We had many amusing pictures and divided members into 3 groups. Each group had to compete with others to find out the phrase both in English and Vietnamese that the pictures implied.
 photo 10346591_643887749020433_3192675155303086566_n_zpsc82a082a.jpg
 photo 10468367_643887349020473_2268896037419948114_n_zpsdc0a92ca.jpg
 photo 10406471_643887619020446_2516306114490415075_n_zpsb7a57984.jpg
All members were very enthusiastic with this game and couldn’t help laughing after getting the answer.
 photo 10488009_643887589020449_5154613263372482541_n_zps28366aff.jpg
 photo 10464101_643887362353805_5177664987473617733_n_zpsbe5234c8.jpg
Out of blue, the answer of this picture was Tao Bon that made everyone laugh out loud
 photo 10435095_643887392353802_4102105487811363550_n_zpseab64ba4.jpg
Who on earth can guess the correct answer for this picture??? (the right answer is Bao Thanh Thien Very Happy)
 photo 10390541_643887352353806_377202037549404905_n_zpsff97042d.jpg
Another picture with the answer Obama (a ghosts with 3 umbrellas => obama )
Finally we found out the winner and the loser based on the score each group achieved after this game
 photo 10479201_643887685687106_3406319508158879207_n_zpsd7d6a3c3.jpg
We ended this funny game with the song “Tien quan ca” by the performance group 1 as the punishment for the loser
 photo 10458339_643887955687079_527684316437844479_n_zps10dbd48d.jpg
At 7.00 p.m, we started to discuss the topic: Online dating. It seemed that this topic was so interesting to everybody and the atmosphere was totally hot and ebullient.
 photo 10478683_643888409020367_5499346205036948456_n_zps27c708e0.jpg
 photo 10402885_643888992353642_4331266403348539506_n_zpsc7a9daa1.jpg
 photo 10464258_643889495686925_8470206916952914065_n_zps0acc3447.jpg
 photo 10428541_643888305687044_4477476662717708881_n_zps3f575286.jpg
 photo 10338281_643888049020403_3120453989509924856_n_zps94a891dc.jpg
 photo 10389479_643888175687057_2865490706896903812_n_zpsfdc77e64.jpg
~~HOT HOT HOT!!!~~~
Now it was high time for the most exciting part – Presentation and Q&A. And today we had so many extremely excellent presenters. Take a look at these pictures below to see who they were:
 photo 10402885_643888992353642_4331266403348539506_n_zpsc7a9daa1.jpg
Mr. Toan Deo Kinh with the traditional preference was keen on traditional date.
 photo 10478203_643889199020288_2461050540649652107_n_zps25af7791.jpg
Although there were many ideas that against online dating because of its unreliability, Mr Dung who had the excellent presentation was for online dating and argued that having a traditional date can be more dangerous than having an online one because people can easily tell lie and make their partner totally believe in all what they said in a face-to-face date than the one in online dating
 photo 10356398_643888955686979_5669256850357036155_n_zps7caa823b.jpg
 photo 10473407_643888815686993_7620492552190358177_n_zps9e129ced.jpg
The discussion was absolutely excited that had different ideas about online dating and Photophop trend. However, after discussing, we had a positive look of online dating
8.15 p.m it’s time to end the workshop even we did not want it at all
Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club

Address: Multi Language Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang, Dong Da Dist.
Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
Fan Page:
Venue sponsor: Multi Language Training Center
Hot line: Ms.Hoa (0167.560.9670)

Thanks and best regards,


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