GALEC 2: Report for "EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS " 24/7/2014

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default GALEC 2: Report for "EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS " 24/7/2014

Bài gửi by ngochoa on Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:05 pm

Time: 6h30-8h00 p.m., Thursday 24/07/2014

Venue: MULTI LANGUAGE Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang
(Note: Leave your vehicle on the opposite side of the road)

6h30: Warm-up part
As usual, we started our workshop by introducing names and making friends with each other. After some long introductions of members, we decided not to say too many things like that, only name and marriage status were enough. Then it turned out to be really funny that members were interested in each other by that way. Along with short introductions was a risky game called “ Truth or dare”. People kept giving crazy ideas about how or what the other had to do for them.
 photo 10527396_660972483978626_6319695256628843802_n_zpsb5dcfcf9.jpg
~~Mr Phu with impressive body languages and emotional talkings ~~^.^

7h15. Discussion part
Moving to the next part, there were 4 groups devided instead of 5 groups due to the limited space of the room.
 photo 10577137_660973120645229_2867048494509551105_n_zps7ca4aae6.jpg
~~ The room was over-crowded and full of noises ~~

With a long time observing so many workshops, I realized a funny fact that was people were keen on talking and discussing love stuffs such as love affairs, pornography, sex, rape, sexual harassment …@@ So whenever the topic was involved in those things, there would be more people coming than usual. It could be a good suggestion for GALEC in case of lacking people attended.
 photo 10461362_660973770645164_4019650733736174028_n_zps292653b5.jpg
~~ A funny moment of busy group~~

After discussing lots of idea, members rewarded themselves with selfie photos

 photo 15659_660973073978567_462544249799512965_n_zpsbbbd7e53.jpg
~~ Mr Linh was so lucky when lying on the girl’s shoulder~~

7h50: Q&A
After minutes of discussing, we came to the Q&A part. There were lots of thoughts and opinions around this topic . When raising the question about the pros and cons of having an affair, Mr Thuy Tac shared her experiences with 3 main advantages, the first one was sex-satisfaction, the next was financial stuff, then the last was “reproduction ability”. I wondered that how a man could know whether his wife was satisfied or not yet>.<

 photo 10534742_660972493978625_1824273374257454574_n_zps9713ef5e.jpg
~~ a man with a hand under his chin~~
Although we also talked a lot about other things, the time was running out and we still had an amazing part coming up, so I decided to stop this part right here and we were about to move on the last part “Role-play”

8h10. Role-play
Two groups were divided and they had to prepare for their own drama within 10 minutes. Believe me or not, I really saw their potentials in showbiz and they should join to compete there. Both group were well-done and they surprised me a lot with their smart, crazy and creative ideas about how their product was going to be.
 photo 1604967_660974617311746_3843578239096978596_n_zps3b3e8fed.jpg
~~ Two handsome men hand in hand with happiness and joys~~
 photo 10421443_660974523978422_8122246773319413740_n_zpsc24fb1ac.jpg
~~ Two abandoned miserable women~~
 photo 10438162_660974430645098_5558837744289753106_n_zpsf31967ab.jpg
~~ Here was the gay couple~~
Have a nice week, buddy.

Best regards,
Galec 2 English Club

Address: Multi Language Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang, Dong Da Dist.

Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
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Venue sponsor: Multi Language Training Center
Hot line: Ms.Hoa (0167.560.9670)

Thanks and best regards


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