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Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"

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default Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"

Bài gửi by jonywish Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:41 pm

Time: 15:00 Sunday, 26th August
Address: ENCI English Center 76 Giai Phong Street, 4th floor

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0801

The interesting workshop “Piracy” started with a funny game “Hot seat”. This is the charade game in which one player would act out one word/phrase for the others to guess its meaning. Almost words and phrases were correctly guessed except for the phrase of “Get a life English club” - the full version of GALEC.
After that, we moved to the “Free talk” part to discuss in pairs.
Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0797
What is plagiarism? What is piracy? What are the differences between them?

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0798

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘cheating’? Have you ever cheated? Does cheating get you ahead in life?
What springs to many people was cheating on someone, not cheating in study.

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0800

Have you ever plagiarized? And for what? What punishment should students receive for plagiarism?

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0808

What kind of things can be pirated? Where can you buy pirated products in Vietnam?
The answer was anything and anywhere.

In part 3 “Group work”, we talked about the hot issue arising recently “Some music websites charge users for downloading music”

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0803

Ms.Quyen said that we should pay for downloading music because musicians have to work hard to create music so we need to contribute to them

Galec 1 Report Workshop "Piracy"  _MG_0806

How can we prevent piracy? Can you find out any bright side of piracy?
The biggest bright side of piracy is that people can use many products for free

For more photos, please visit:
Time: 15:00 every Sunday Afternoon ; Address: 76 Giai Phong Street
Yahoo ID: galenglishclub
Venue sponsor: ENCI English center
Hotline: Đỗ Quang Toản (Mr.): 01689.987.205


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