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GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012

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default GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012

Bài gửi by Thùy Dương Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:42 pm

Time: 6h30-8h30, Thursday 20/12/2012
Place: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)[

Nowadays, Christmas is not only a traditional holiday in Western countries, but also is very popular in the whole world. You can feel the bustling atmosphere of “coming Christmas” at every country in which you arrive. And Vietnam is not an exception! From the North to the South, when December 25 is getting closer, it seems that many Vietnamese people also want to experience “Christmas atmosphere” on their own way.

Although we don’t have real snow to make “snowman”, don’t have huge pines to make sparkling Christmas tree,..; together we still can create these things by our creativity and love. That’s why our English Club-GALEC 2- wanted to hold a special workshop with the topic: “Merry Christmas”. The workshop was really special because of the “coming holiday” and its “strange” content compared to normal ones.

Maybe, the first thing to impress all the members was paper snowflakes and wreath sticked to the front door leading into our club room. To prepare for the “Christmas party”, our key-members also had tried our best creativity to decorate the room walls with Christmas tree, Santa Claus, colorful ribbons,.. which brought “ Christmas” closer to everyone somehow !

When the room was full of members at every corner, our MC started Introduction part to make them know more about each others. Every member could still have remembered “uncountable” number of smiles on all the faces just in the startup.

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0214_zpsb9e745bd
(Smiling faces everywhere!)

The workshop format was very special; therefore, our normal parts were replaced by a lot of “funny and exciting” games ! After Introduction part, we played a very “challenging” game : 007. The game rules were very simple, however, the members still needed a good memory and agility not to become “losers”. Through that game, the members could put the other members ’names into their brain more clearly once again. And game is still game, and there were some “poor losers”. The losers had to accept unusual punishments from all the “winners”. Every winner said loud: Sing and dance, as a result they had to dance “nicely” with one of our key-member. Moreover, our MC had another funny punishment for the “losers”: Making an elephant line. That kind of punishment really made the room blown-up with the applause along with vibrant music.

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0226_zps51f215fe
( The “poor losers” still smiled a lot !)
GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0230_zpsf2138705
( Let’s make an elephant line!)

Finishing “007” game excitingly, we entered another game. This game was meant to help the members enrich their knowledge about Christmas tradition. We had edited 16 questions for this part with hope that the members could give as many right answers as possible to receive “lucky” gifts. The questions seemed not easy enough for every member to find out the key, at last there were just 7 luckiest ones to pick up our gifts.
GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0253_zps603d02f4
( Our MC- like Christmas Mother- was reading Christmas questions loudly)

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0248_zpscd1aa129
( The members were attentively thinking about the keys)
GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0265_zpsbad1dd92
( Our “knowledgeable winners” with MC)

Then, we moved to the next part in which the members would be separated into five groups to draw their Christmas cards. The groups had just only 5 minutes to produce their “masterpiece” which made the atmosphere rushed and hurried ! We had to admit that our members were such talented painters that they could finish their cards quite well in just a very short time. Then, every group could have one chance to present about their “masterpiece” funnily and briefly! Our club would hang the cards on the wall as special gifts from the members to us !

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0282_zps29943241
( The groups were drawing with their enthusiasm)
GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0296_zps0686a35b
( One of 5 five groups was presenting about their “masterpiece” )

Next, we played one more game named: “Finding your partners”. In this game, we had five girls and five boys to play ; they needed to find the partners having the same number quickly and exactly. At last, we found the best couple that could find each other exactly in 2 times, so magically!

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0331_zpse687332f
( Our “ perfect couple”)

After playing three games with a lot of energy, the members were asked to stay in a circle and enjoy snacks. We sang together the song : “Jingle Bell” loudly and it seemed that Christmas really came ! Listening to Christmas songs, the members chatted with each others; some of whom talked about their plans for tomorrow- “coming Doomsday”. We didn’t know whether the terrible day was true or not: however, we just wanted to enjoy every exciting minutes right at that moment !

GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0344_zps8b569168
( “Simple” party but really “funny” one !)

Beside chatting with each others, our MC asked some “new faces to our club” about their feelings and every one said: “exciting and great!”. That really made our key-members happy ! Later, we had an interesting part that every member would say their English name; a lot of laughters went along the party until the end !
GALEC 2 : Report for Workshop" NOEL PARTY" 20/12/2012 SAM_0360_zps3d0a5335
( We together to make our own “ Christmas”)

We would like to thank you for joining and creating interesting time. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club
Address: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh

Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
Fan Page:
Venue sponsor: SmartLink English Center
Hot line: Mr Cảnh: 01225.385.856 (Key Member)

Thanks and best regards,

Thùy Dương
Thùy Dương

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