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GALEC 2: Report for "INVENTIONs" 11/9/2014

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default GALEC 2: Report for "INVENTIONs" 11/9/2014

Bài gửi by ngochoa Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:30 pm

Report for Workshop: INVENTIONs
Time: 6h30-8h00 p.m., Thursday 11/9/2014
Venue: MULTI LANGUAGE Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang
(Note: Leave your vehicle right at Thai Thinh Primary School)

At 6.30 p.m., everyone gathered in a circle and we got started!!!
 photo SAM_2692_zpsc6dc92f4.jpg
 photo SAM_2691_zps994fadb0.jpg
~~Let’s go~~
After the Introduction Part, the MC had a small game for everyone, that was a volunteer would stand back to the Board and MC gave a name of a celebrity on the board. The mission of everyone in the room was to answer the volunteer’s questions related to that celebrity like “Where am I from?”, “What do I do?” or “What did I invented”. We has witnessed the most ridiculous guideline from Mr.Uoc "This celebrity has the same name with Thomas Edison" @@
Coming to the second part “Discussion”, people were apparently excited to share their opinions about the greatest inventions of the mankind in the 20th and 21st century; the Influence of Internet, Televisions and Mobile phones on modern lives …
 photo SAM_2696_zps7ccb58a7.jpg
 photo SAM_2695_zps7989de97.jpg\
 photo SAM_2698_zps2481da04.jpg
 photo SAM_2697_zpsf3ddb40f.jpg
 photo SAM_2699_zps4e8512e5.jpg
~~So excited!!!~~
Here came to the most exciting part – Presentation and Q&A:
 photo SAM_2704_zps950593c5.jpg
The first presenter was a beautiful girl sharing with us her novel she wrote after breaking up with her boyfriend: the prince and princess met each other in a forest and fell in love at the first sight…
 photo SAM_2705_zps442b76b8.jpg
After that, we shared our opinions about greatest inventions ever - TOILET of Ms.Ha, Let-it-go-with-a-hole of Mr.Phu...
The question “What is your attitude to human cloning?” has received a huge attention and created an exciting atmosphere.
The unlimited imagination of human kinds was proved in Group-work Part with invisible ink, hybrid trees and magic bags which can even contain a house.
 photo SAM_2715_zpsa884a5cb.jpg
 photo SAM_2709_zps2167cabc.jpg
 photo SAM_2706_zps3710303a.jpg
 photo SAM_2720_zps2200cfe8.jpg
~~Invisible ink of group 1~~
 photo SAM_2722_zps6d9fb900.jpg
~~Hybrid trees of group 2~~
 photo SAM_2725_zps45b7d40c.jpg
~~Magic bags which can even contain a house of group 3~~
We ended this workshop with laughs and funs.

Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

Galec 2 English Club

Address: Multi Language Training Center, No.30 Yen Lang, Dong Da Dist.

Email: Yahoo: galec2_club
Fan Page:
Venue sponsor: Multi Language Training Center
Hot line: Ms.Hoa (0167.560.9670)

Thanks and best regards,


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