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[WORDSTORM 2014] Round 3 DEBATE: How did they survive , strive and shine?

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default [WORDSTORM 2014] Round 3 DEBATE: How did they survive , strive and shine?

Bài gửi by ngochoa Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:10 am

[WORDSTORM 2014] Round 3 DEBATE: How did they survive , strive and shine?

"Just when you think our contestant’s talent could not get any bette, it..did"

Have you ever struggled in a debate?, have you ever wished you could master the skill of a great debater? If you are seeking for a great tips and trick on how to do that, why not learn from the best?

Given that, we are now showing you the brief recap of what happened in round 3 and the best of the best contestants who survived through the round 2 to enter this round with such confidence and talent.

What can you learn from them?, check this out!

1) Be prepared

You all may know that preparation takes up a huge percentage in success. And we feel that our contestants truly took this contest seriously manifested by how well they prepare. Some arrived early before the shift to go through again their material. Some were observing their judges, their examination rooms to get familiar with the scene so that he could gain more confidence. Some even brought their supporters with them, like mommy, brothers, friends..etc

 photo f_zpsf2e49b29.jpg

 photo f1_zps385c1539.jpg

2) Think fast – think critically

You have to be there to fully appreciate their skills. Imagine you are given a difficult debate topic, assigned to support or against a statement without your choice , 90 seconds to prepare, how would you survive THAT?? But yet our contestants still managed to protect their opinion, rebutted their opponents and handle questions from the judges, not to mention that they literally had no time to prepare, they had to instantly respond to everything. It was like either you think fast and critically or you go home.

 photo f2_zps08649d74.jpg

 photo f3_zps2d29b38a.jpg

3) Have a strategy

Of course you will get nowhere if you don’t have a plan, a strategy , especially if your opponent is just as good as you are. From a quick look at the contestant’s draft paper, we realized how skillful the contestants are. There were mind mapping, tables, organization between supporting arguments, rebuttals, counter arguments..etc.

4) Always remain calm

We know it’s a lot going on in a heat up examination room with judges who were constantly grading and judging, with opponents who were always trying to find any weakness in arguments. Losing confidence is understandable. However and obviously, the contestants are not just like normal people. Even when the stake was high, their opponent seemed to have the upper hand, contestant always remained calm and confident.

 photo f4_zpsa075c34d.jpg

 photo f5_zpsda4bbcdd.jpg

5) The spirit of a stellar debater

Undoubtly, some heat up moments here and there are unavoidable. Nevertheless, they did show respect towards each other. They all waited before the other finished to continue their arguments, they also acknowledged the other's good points and sharp counter arguments. There were pairs who see their opponents upset, couldn't help but to give them hugs and comforts Smile Just wow !

 photo f7_zps282f02bf.jpg

 photo f6_zpsc394ee98.jpg

Once again, we have to express our great gratitude towards our wonderful sponsors: Multi Language English center, Pathways English Center and Gấu Uniform

 photo f8_zps28f8ba74.jpg


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