Galec 1: Manslaughter report 13/5/2012

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default Galec 1: Manslaughter report 13/5/2012

Bài gửi by tomato_ost on Tue May 15, 2012 12:20 pm

Report “Manslaughter” workshop
Time: 15:00 Sunday, May 13, 2012
Address: 4th floor, ENCI English Center 76 Giai Phong Street,

Prior to the show time, many GALECers came early to catch up with one another since there had been no workshops during the 2 previous weeks. After the brief introduction from attendants, people had some fun with the game “let’s party” before getting down to the serious topic: “manslaughter”. 
In the 1st part, our MC conducted everyone to match the “criminal words” to the correlative examples. Through this activity, we could widen our vocabulary in huge demand. A patron told me after the workshop that she then understood the differences between “burglar” and “thief”; “assasinator” and “murderer” thanks to this part.
In the discussion section, GALECers got to raise their takes on the forth given issues: the duly punishments that people committing manslaughter should incur; when should a case be considered as “manslaughter”?; what is involuntary manslaughter?…
The workshop “manslaughter” ended up with… laughters after Uoc’s complex story about an accident in love.

“If someone gets on my nerves and makes me feel the urge to kill everyone in this room, should that be considered as a case of voluntary manslaughter?”

Ony when you were hired to kill well-known people, would you be called “assasinator”

Since the punishment for manslaughter is much lesser than murder, bad people may want to milk it for all it’s worth and kill someone “accidentally”…
See more pictures of the workshop here:
Time: 15:00 every Sunday
Address: ENCI English Center 76 Giai Phong Street, 4th floor,
Hotline: Đỗ Quang Toản (Mr.): 01689.987.205

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