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Bài gửi by kakaptit on Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:55 pm

Sop phải thể hiện bạn là ai, tính cách bạn là j, có j đặc biệt để họ nhận bạn. SOP là một trong những yêu cầu rất quan trọng để đánh giá 1 candidate, đặc biệt để xin scholarship. Bạn cần đầu tư rất nhiều thời gian công sức và tiền bạc vào đây, Dưới đây là bản SOP mình nháp ra, còn bản gửi cho trường đã đc professor sửa thì ko đc phép public Sad . Bạn nào có bài hay thì có thể share cho mọi người Laughing
As a top student of the Post and telecommunication Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, I am submitting this document in support of my application for acceptance into your graduate program. With more than four years of strict training and conscientious studies gone by, I am now versed in a broad range of subjects related to this discipline.
Have Come a Long Way to Where I am Now
I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and like most of Vietnamese families, my parents realized that the key for my future was education. Born and breading in the atmosphere where outstanding achievements are always expected, I was taught to become a leading person, which is likely to be a motivation for me. I always excelled in school, achieving one of the three highest rank in every test. As a monitor, a organizer, a leader, I did things on my instinct which never let me down. I entered my university at the centre of attention with a high entrance score. Things moved on perfectly smoothly until I stepped into a completely unfamiliar environment. That was the first time I took part in a science research team at university. Like many other students’ teams, ours is consisted of four and we were given four months to finish our work. There was a knowledgeable student about our research in our team. Consequently, he was agreed to be our team leader which woke my instinct up. My thought that I had to be the leader urged me to work on my own way and I spent more than five hours searching for more documents on the research topic. However, the more I read, the more disoriented and stressed I was. Yet I could not swallow my pride to ask for help from others. As the consequence of this, the research was left undone. That was exactly my first failure. Since then, I forced myself into a new task: figuring out the reason for my failure. It was possibly time that I needed more for my work. Or probably it was too much expectation that I generated for myself. Eventually, I realize that the answer lied in my overconfidence and stubborn pride. I am now fully aware that working, particularly researching, simply never comes with living on your own and turning your back on others’ help. More importantly, new environment, together with endless effort, makes a more mature researcher.
If admitted, I truly believe in my success in the new environment in the US, just like what I did in Vietnam in the past.
My Academic Record
In the pursuit of knowledge , I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. This has amply reflected in my consistently brilliant career, always topping the class and having received plenty of national level awards of mathematic, plus some certification of science research at my university. With a GPA of above 8.0, I am ranked in top ten at Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology among nearly 350 students.
My Interested Fields
My aim is to develop a truly pervasive and mobile IPv6 network infrastructure across heterogeneous wireless and ad-hoc networks with the novel use of public transport system as backbone infrastructure. It also addresses Quality-of-Service and mobility management for mobile ad-hoc sub-networks attached to fixed IP network and develops novel adaptive applications using location-awareness.
I would like to design and develop a framework that supports inter-vehicular communication as well as provides Internet access for wireless users traveling in public transport systems like buses or trains. The buses form a mobile network, a set of nodes composed by one or more IP-subnets. The mobile network consists of Mobile Routers (MR) forming an ad hoc network inside the buses, which will be connected to the Internet using one or more wireless routers (WR) located inside the buses or trains. Mobility Gateways are connected with the infrastructure network and serve as contact point for the WRs. Such mobile networks are important for new applications in the wireless domain. It enables mobile routers like future cameras, PDAs, and other wireless devices inside the buses to be reachable over the Internet, which gives service providers new opportunities and operators more possibilities for revenue.
Your University Is Ideal
To pursue the Post-graduate study is both intellectually exhilarating and challenging, but to decide which university to attend is one of the biggest decisions in one's life. Keeping these in mind, I consider University of California Los Angles- my first choice. I heard of it while I was still a senior school student. Its outstanding libraries, some of the best-equipped laboratories, a distinguished faculty, and a stimulating academic atmosphere have made it a renowned university in the world.
To pursue Post-graduate study abroad, I have given up an opportunity to be admitted to a foreign technology company which guarantees my stable future life . But I have heard that, if a fog prevents the sailor of a small boat from seeing the buoy marking his course, he turns the boat quickly in small circles, knowing that the waves he makes will rock the buoy in his vicinity. The making of these waves may engender some danger, but that is a small risk to take for finding where his course lies. A boat that stays in the harbor never encounters any danger, but it does not get anywhere either.

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