GALEC 1: (Report) superstition (22/7/2012)

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default GALEC 1: (Report) superstition (22/7/2012)

Bài gửi by oldest on Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:23 pm

On July 22, Galec held a hot workshop named “Superstition”.
In part 1, after the short self-introduction, we started working in group of 4 to discuss about Vietnamese people’s belief in superstition.

“Are you superstitious?”

“Why don’t you believe in a spiritual world?”

“Do you think superstition has something to do with science?”

After 30 minutes discussing in group, we gathered and spoke in public to share each opinion about each terms of superstition.

“Is superstition good?”

“How would you do if a fortune teller said you and your lover should not get married due to both bad futures?”

In part 2, we worked in pair and discussed many funny questions related to superstition. One would listen to the other’s story and then told everybody that story in public.

“Girl in pink: I satisfy with my appearance now”
“Girl in white: If I can change one part of my body, I will change my leg”

“Do you think that your face reflects your personality, future or fate?”

“Boy: I think you have a perfect appearance ^^”

“Boy in blue: My mother has witnessed the spirit of the dead”
We ended the workshop with a lot of fun and unforgettable feelings. We discovered more about ourselves and others. Of even more importance, we had many chances to practice speaking English. We’ve already known that “Shared to be shared” ^^


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