GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY IN VIETNAM" 27/06/2013

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default GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "CORRUPTION AND BRIBERY IN VIETNAM" 27/06/2013

Bài gửi by ngochoa on Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:02 am

Time: 6h30-8h30 p.m., Thursday 27/06/2013
Place: E-Connect Training English Center, No 198 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)

At 6.30 p.m., everyone gathered in a circle and we got started!!!

~~Let’s go~~

After the Introduction Part, the MC had a small game for everyone, that was the first one who could list 10 name of members in the room would become the winner and got a prize that was extending her/his member card by one month. It seemed that any members found this quite difficult.
However, after 30 seconds, one girl suddenly raised her hand and gave us a very correct answer. Personally, I didn’t think this game could end so fast like this. After announcing the winner, we asked her whether she could list the name of all people in this room. And so surprisingly, she did it perfectly. We gave the girl a thunder of clap to show our admiration to her special memory.
Coming to the second part “Discussion”, people were apparently excited to share their opinions about the current state of corruption in Vietnam, its causes, consequences as well as some effective way to solve the problem …

~~So excited!!!~~

The first presenter was Mr.B – a man who didn’t want us to take any picture of him because he was so VIP, just kidding ^^. He shared us the experience of other countries to deal with corruption. That was such an attracting speech that we paid all attention to him.

The second one was a pretty girl who talked about the reason why corruption was very popular in Vietnam. In her opinion, the main thing was the management system in companies, organizations, which had some hidden rules controlling its whole activities. After that, one member asked whether changing education system can improve the current situation and her answer is NO, which lead to a small dispute.

~~She was talking about management~~

Then, one girl shared the story of her sister, which was It took her sister 600 MILLION VND to get a job at secondary school. That was a very surprised number for us but from her viewpoint, her sister could regain it in a short time. So the summary was If corruption still happened in education sector, how the next generation could do something better.

Today must be girl’s day because the next presenter was a girl too. She gave us a very interesting presentation, which summed up all of things about this topic.

~~Very confident~~

And here was the last part, also the most interesting part: Role-play about corruption. After 5 minutes of discussing, group 1 went the first. A funny drama was played to show us the corruption activities that were happening popularly in business nowadays. In my own viewpoint, that was absolutely brilliant.

~~So funny~~

The second group played a story in school. After asking mother to give money and spending all on bribing the teacher, they still failed on that subject. In the end, the 2 students realized that they shouldn’t believe in anyone except themselves so they tried to study harder to pass the subject. That was so touching and meaningful for all of us.

~~They were making an evil plan~~

We ended this workshop with laughs and funs.

Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

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