GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "COHABITATION" 04/07/2013

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default GALEC 2: Report for Workshop "COHABITATION" 04/07/2013

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Report for Workshop: COHABITATION
Time: 6h30-8h30 p.m., Thursday 04/07/2013
Place: E-Connect Training English Center, No 198 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)

At 6.30 p.m., everyone gathered in a circle and we got started!!!
There were a lot of new faces today so the MC decided to invite them to join an interesting but very easy game named “NAME GAME” which helped remember the name of other members. It was played by introducing around the circle with one name added to the list each time.

~~Let’s get started!!! ~~
Especially, today, we had a triplet called NGHIA-TRUNG-THUC, which were three great virtues that people should have. These people were sitting in a row so whenever members called their name, it was so funny but also easy for us to bear in mind. There were some mems who called themselves loser and accepted taking punishment like Mr.Wind and Mr.Success.
Being obliged to play one more time with a stupid purpose of completing the circle, the MC became loser although she was the one setting the rules. Finally, the 4 losers sang the children song “A duck”, which gave us lot of laughs and funs.

Coming to the second part, people were discussing ebulliently about this heated topic. In my group, we offered a lot of imaginative situations which made us think seriously about cohabitation. For example, if you found out your girlfriend/boyfriend cohabiting with a different gender friend, what would you do if your relationship had been lasting 1 month? Was your action the same if it had been 3 months?...

~~So hot!!! ~~
In the next part – Presentation, the first presenter was a boy who gave us the definition of cohabitation and how it was in the real life.

~~He was very confidient~~
The second one - Mr.Dung surprised us by saying that he TOTALLY agreed about cohabiting between girls and boys nowadays. He also insisted “Let’s do it!”. His reason was very simple: he and his wife did cohabit before marriage, everything was fine and then they decided to be bound by a legal agreement. Therefore, cohabitation could help us see your partner’s characteristics, living style and true feelings; after that evaluate whether these were suitable for you or not.

~~He was proving his point~~
It led to a lot of arguments against his point. A girl argue that if something went wrong unlike Mr.Dung’s situation; for instance, they found a lot of bad things about their partner; or some problems related to finance, habits, rumors could make them feel disappointed, upset or bored. They would easily break up and say good-bye and that was really a big trouble for both of them.
Or like the viewpoint of Mr.Bac, he asked Mr.Dung that in the future, if his daughter offered him to allow her to live with a boy, whether he agreed or not.

And then, Mr.Tai – the one who lived 3 years in Australia shared some his ideas. He saw cohabitation as a normal thing because it happened very popularly in not only Vietnam but also foreign countries. In his opinion, it was a debatable issue so that we couldn’t decide whether it was right or not. It depended on the thinking of each person and when you agreed to cohabit with a different gender friend, you had to accept the consequences that likely happened if you guys broke up because it was your choice and noone forced you to do it.

We also asked a gird to talk something about this topic. Ms.Water gave us such a very interesting presentation that we paid all attention to her.

~~She was great!! ~~
At the last part of the today’ workshop, members were required to illustrate the negative outcomes of living before getting married. The couple – Mr.Tu and Ms.Mai presented a very funny drama which brought joy to all members in the room.

~~He was acting so real!!! ~~

Although it was not what we wanted, we still had to end the workshop.
Once again, thank you for coming. Hope to see you next Thursday.

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